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Legal News in Minnesota

2024 Eviction Law Updates

The Minnesota legislature passed new renter protections that took effect on January 1, 2024, that landlords must follow to evict tenants. As of April 2024, landlords must:

Give renters 14 days’ notice before filing an eviction; include all required fees in the advertised rent; ensure units maintain a temperature of at least 68 degrees during the winter; and provide tenants 24 hours’ notice before entering a unit.

All evictions will be removed from a tenant’s record after three years. Evictions can be expunged sooner if the renter and landlord agree to it as part of a settlement; for example, in cases where a tenant is evicted but later pays back the money owed.

The package of renters’ protections that went into effect January 1, 2024, also bars landlords from requiring renters to declaw or devocalize their pets as a condition of rental; codifies renters’ right to a move-in and move-out inspection performed by the landlord; expands what is considered an “emergency repair” to include broken air conditioning (when included in the lease) and refrigerators; and gives public housing tenants the right to a lawyer in eviction cases.

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