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Marijuana in the Workplace

Minnesota is one of 34 states that have legalized marijuana for the treatment of certain medical conditions.  Approved medical use started July 1, 2015.  Medical use of marijuana is limited to marijuana that is delivered in the form of a liquid or pill, or the vaporized delivery of the liquid or pill.  The use of medical marijuana does not include the smoking of  the dried leaves of the marijuana plant.  The possession, sale, and use of marijuana, including medical marijuana, is still illegal under federal law.  Under Minnesota law an employer may prohibit the use of medical marijuana on the...
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Working Conditions for Women–Women’s Economic Security Act

The Women’s Economic Security Act became effective August 1, 2014, and applies to all employers with 21 or more employees.  While the law was designed to improve working conditions for women, it applies to both women and men.  The law provides that “familial status” is now a protected class, and an employer may not refuse to hire, discharge or otherwise discriminate against a person  with respect to the terms and conditions of employment based on their familial status. The law also provides protection for employees who are pregnant or in the process of securing legal custody of an individual who...
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Privacy Cases on the Rise

Daniel Bellig, a Farrish Johnson attorney who practices in medical and data privacy, has reported an uptick of invasion of privacy claims.  These include increased reports of improper accesses and dissemination of medical records, often by employees of medical providers.  Daniel Bellig has tried and settled medical privacy claims.  The increase of medical privacy claims has coincided with numerous incidents of government data practice violations committed by government employees in state and local agencies.  The most recent data breach claims involve violation of federal privacy laws governing motor vehicle and driver licenses records. If you need further information concerning invasion...
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Wrongful Death Settlement

Farrish Johnson Attorney Daniel Bellig recently settled a substantial and complex wrongful death claim arising out of an accident that occurred in Southern Minnesota.  The decedent, a father of four, was driving a semi-tractor and pulling a tanker of anhydrous ammonia.  He was killed when a farm tractor made a sudden left turn into a field approach.  The farm tractor struck the semi tractor and trailer.  The semi-tractor and trailer rolled into the ditch and adjoining field.  Annhydrous ammonia leaked from the semi’s tanker and the vapors entered the cab.  In addition to obtaining a lump sum monetary settlement from...
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Meet Mankato’s 2015 Super Lawyers

Farrish Johnson Law Office Attorneys Scott V. Kelly, William S. Partridge, and Steven H. Fink have been named “Super Lawyers” for 2015.  This prestigious award from Super Lawyers, a Thompson Reuters business, recognizes them to be among the top 5% of all lawyers in Minnesota!  Scott and Will are trial lawyers practicing in personal injury litigation.  Steve is a leading attorney in the areas of real estate law, estate planning, and business law. A “Rising Star” attorney is also part of the Farrish Johnson team!  Daniel J. Bellig recently received that designation in 2015.  He is a trial lawyer practicing...
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Protecting Data Privacy Rights!

Farrish Johnson Law Office continues having an impact in the area of data privacy as several attorneys are currently working on a class-action lawsuit involving the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and one of its former managers for the illegal downloading of driver’s license information. A group of individuals are suing the DNR, the state of Minnesota, and former Dept. of Natural Resources Employee John Hunt for the illegal use of the Driver and Vehicle Services database (DVS).  The DVS database contains individual photographs, addresses and driving records and is protected under state and federal law from illegitimate use. According...
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Will Partridge selected for trial lawyer honorary society

Farrish Johnson Law office congratulates Mankato civil litigation attorney William S. Partridge on being selected as a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America. The LCA is a trial lawyer honorary society composed of less than one-half of one percent of American lawyers.  Fellows are selected based upon excellence and accomplishment in litigation, both at the trial and appellate levels, and superior ethical reputation.  The LCA is aggressively diverse in its composition.  Established as a trial and appellate lawyer honorary society reflecting the American Bar in the twenty-first century, the LCA represents the best in law among its membership.  The...
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