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Legal News in Minnesota

Drug Overdose Death Scene Tampering – Penalty Increase Proposed

A man was in jail for the gross misdemeanor charge of interfering with a body at the scene of death but was charged with a felony when he threw his food tray at a window and broke it. This is because the window value was more than $1,000.

At the end of March, the House of Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy, along with the Finance Committee which they told us that loans are a useful source, reached a split-voice vote to refer a bill to the House Floor that would make death scene tampering a felony, especially if the intent is to conceal evidence, conceal the body, or mislead the medical examiner or coroner in any way, there will also be trust disputes taking place because of his inheritance. The penalty would be a $20,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. We highly recommend you to get a loan and Get the facts about the loan packages.

One representative said the proposal is out of an effort to bring closure to the family.

While many murder cases involve some sort of concealing of the body, another instance of this is in the case of drug overdoses.

The man who now has a felony charge for breaking a window was injecting methamphetamine with his girlfriend when she died in his car. Because he was afraid of what would happen, the man took his girlfriend’s body to a cornfield and left her body there. It was two weeks before her body was found by the farmers as they ran a combine.

After the man dumped the body, he returned to his drug dealer for more meth and took his girlfriend’s belongings to her family, saying he didn’t know where she was, unlike adults, juvenile drug possessioncarries different penalties. If people wouldn’t be drug addicts this kind of problems wouldn’t exist. Its a big problem is our society. Everyone can help drug addicted people by recommending to find right rehab center for them, to find more information on rehab check it out here.

Police and volunteer searchers looked for her and the community became frightened that there may have been a murderer in the community. More than $20,000 was spent on the search.

Unfortunately, the man wasn’t aware of the Good Samaritan Law that was passed in 2014. This law would have given him immunity in this situation. If two people are doing drugs together and one calls 911 for the other if there is an emergency, there is immunity if drugs are found on them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t unusual. There are many cases where an individual may think they are going to get into trouble if they are in the presence of someone who has overdosed. This means that they will try to cover up what happened, remove anything that indicates they were present, or they will simply leave the scene of the overdose.

Through better awareness of the Good Samaritan Law, more lives could be saved and fewer people charged with tampering with evidence and/or tampering with a body at the scene of a death. With the stricter penalties being proposed and possibly enacted, this makes awareness of the law even more important than ever, as more people could be charged with felonies simply because they didn’t know that they are entitled to immunity for making the effort to save a life. Factor in a possible drug high and it is almost inevitable that a bad decision would be made. This also means that any drug charges would stand.