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How a Previous Social Security Disability Application Affects New Applications

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Applying for Social Security disability is perhaps one of the most frustrating interactions one can have with the government. You are hurt, you need money, and there is a very good chance you will be looking at a denial of benefits that you need. When applying for benefits, it is very unlikely that your initial application will actually be approved. Typically most ailments don’t fit the rigid guidelines set by the Social Security in their exact specifications, but do fit enough that when the application denial is appealed, it will be approved upon closer examination. However, some may think it better to just reapply rather than to go through the appeals process. The question stands, do previous application affect your current application in any negative or positive way?

Reapplication Versus Appeal

It is best to note that you shouldn’t just keep reapplying for Social Security disability. It is really a waste of everyone’s time. However, there are moments when it is wiser to reapply rather than go through the appeals process.

For example, if you were denied and resent the same application to Social Security again, it is almost guaranteed to be declined again if you changed nothing. The same team will likely look at it, and even if you do get someone new, they work by standardized guidelines that will probably see the same result. If you do believe you have a disability, it would instead be prudent to appeal your case so it goes under closer examination.

Alternatively, if you forgot to add a substantial amount of medical information on your previous application, this would be a case where it would be better to just reapply. It is generally faster to send in the initial application, whereas waiting for an appeal can take much longer. In cases of forgotten information, it doesn’t hurt anyone to apply again rather than tie up the clogged appeal court. While it is still possible it will be denied, you can still appeal after that.

Does Previous Application Hurt Present Application?

In truth, other than lost time and a risk of missing the date last insured, there is no punishment for sending in Social Security disability applications. However, you will want to note that after two or three times of sending in an application with no new information added or any changes made, you will likely notice that the response from the Social Security Administration will also remain without change, i.e., a denial.

The truth is that doing the same thing over and over again isn’t going to change anything. Instead of sending in an unchanged application, you will need to brave the appeals process. Often it takes many cases getting to the hearing process to get approved. If you are resubmitting applications specifically to avoid the appeals process, it strongly behooves you to hire an attorney to represent you in the process. The appeals process can be difficult to navigate, but having a knowledgeable attorney at your side can make it a little easier to comprehend.

Need Help?

Are you having trouble applying for the Social Security disability benefits that you dearly need? Don’t feel bad, around two-thirds of all those that apply have to go through the appeals process in order to get approved, meaning a denial in your initial application is really just a small bump in the road. If you need help getting Social Security disability, contact us today to see what the Farrish Johnson Law Office can do to help. We can make sure your application cannot be improved any more as well as represent you in the appeals process to make sure you get the benefit approval that you need.

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