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Mankato Appeals Lawyers

Minnesota Appeals Lawyers

Appeal a Decision with Mankato Attorneys at Farrish Johnson Law Office

If you are not happy with the result you received 
at trial, you may have a right to appeal the decision of the judge or jury. The time you have to appeal 
is very short! Our experienced Mankato appeals attorneys have successfully appealed many cases.

Farrish Johnson Law Office is the 8th oldest law firm in the state of Minnesota and in that time we have handled more than 330 appellate matters at the state and federal level.

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learn your options.

This webpage contains general information and not legal advice. It is based on Minnesota law in effect at the time of writing. An attorney at Farrish Johnson can advise you about how the law applies to your specific situation.

Our Appellate Lawyers

Scott V. Kelly, Lawyer

Scott V. Kelly

Appellate Lawyer

Daniel J. Bellig, Lawyer

Daniel J. Bellig

Appellate Lawyer

Joseph A. Gangi, Lawyer

Joseph A. Gangi

Appellate Lawyer