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Death of an Unborn Baby

Mankato Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding out that you are going to be a parent is very exciting and gives you a bright view of the future. When that joy is ended because of the negligence of someone else, it is devastating. The death of an unborn baby because of an auto accident caused by someone else, assault, or another event can be life-changing for the entire family.

If you lost your unborn baby because of someone else’s negligence, you may have a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. With the help of an experienced Southern Minnesota personal injury attorney, you can hold the responsible party accountable for the medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs associated with the accident. Even if there are criminal charges against the person responsible, you can hold them financially accountable as well.

Proving Your Case

In cases where an unborn child is killed because of someone’s negligence, it is important to prove the case. It has to be shown what they did to cause the accident that resulted in the death. Basically, this is a wrongful death case and the methods of proving such will be used in the investigation. The first step of this is determining who was negligent and why. Your attorney will conduct their own investigation to produce evidence that will work in your favor. In order for the case to be valid, it does have to be proven that the baby could have lived outside of the womb at the time of the accident that caused its death. This can typically be proven through medical records from regular prenatal care visits. Ultrasounds and other records can be admitted as evidence. From there, it must be proven that there was financial or emotional loss because of the death.

Advocating For Your Rights

In many cases, the mother is injured as well and this means that she has to undergo medical treatment. This treatment can be long-term or short-term. Nonetheless, this means that there are medical bills and a possibility of lost wages for one or both parents. This information will be used to build the claim so that the proper amount of compensation can be stated in the claim.

The proper amount of compensation will ensure that you are taken care of while you recover from the physical and emotional damage that has resulted from the accident. This compensation can be recovered through settlement or by taking the case to trial. Your Mankato personal injury attorney will work on your behalf to recover the compensation no matter how far the case goes so that you can move forward with your life.

Contact A Southern Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

Losing an unborn baby is very difficult. When that loss is because of someone else’s negligence, the matter is even more devastating. If you have lost your unborn baby because of an accident caused by someone else, you may be able to hold them accountable for their negligent actions. To learn about the options available to you, call Farrish Johnson Law Office, CHTD at 507-625-2525 for a free consultation.


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