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Failure to Diagnose

A lot of faith is placed in Medical professionals. When you do not feel well or you know something is not right, you expect to be given the proper diagnosis. A lot of demands are placed on doctors, but they are trained to utilize a number of resources in order to make a proper diagnosis. If they are not sure, then they typically have a network of specialists that they can refer patients to in order to find out what is wrong and ensure the proper treatment is administered.

If you have been injured or a loved one has died due to a doctor’s failure to diagnose, you may have a claim against them for the damages done to you. You could seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and, if you lost a loved one, you could seek loss of support, compensation for medical expenses, and funeral expenses. It is important to consult with a qualified Southern Minnesota personal injury attorney to know what your rights and options are.

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Many of the failure to diagnose cases tend to occur in emergency rooms. It is true that emergency rooms are very busy and that the doctors are under a lot of pressure, but there are procedures that are to be followed in order to secure a proper diagnosis. There are x-rays, MRIs, blood tests, and so much more that can be done to figure out what is wrong. If the diagnosis is incorrect and the treatment is wrong, then the end result can be serious injury, illness, or death.

Everything from bleeding during pregnancy to dizziness or excessive vomiting are just some of the symptoms that require immediate medical attention and, many times, the result is an underlying condition that needs to be treated immediately. If it isn’t, then the consequences can be very serious.

Aggressively Addressing Medical Negligence

There are a number of complications that can result from failure to diagnose. They can include bleeding on the brain, infection, internal bleeding, and the complications from an undiagnosed stroke or heart attack. Pregnancy complications that are not diagnosed can cause miscarriage or still birth.

Doctors have a responsibility to their patients to ensure an accurate diagnosis and to use all of the resources available to them to do that. If they don’t, then the result can be life threatening. Your Mankato personal injury attorney will investigate what happened, will negotiate with the doctor’s insurance company and, if a settlement cannot be reached, the case can go to trial so you can receive the result that you need.

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When you seek medical attention, you expect to receive the treatment that you need. You have this expectation that what the doctor tells you is wrong with you is what is really wrong. They have the education and experience to perform this task. However, there are times when doctors fail to diagnose and this can have very serious consequences. If your doctor failed to diagnose you, you may have a legal claim against them. To find out more about your rights and options, call Farrish Johnson Law Office, CHTD. at 507-625-2525 for a free consultation.


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