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Mankato SUV Accident Lawyer

SUV accident, especially rollover accidents, do not happen as much as they used to because of heightened awareness. Drivers now know that they are to not take that curve fast or that there is a risk if they accidentally leave the roadway.

Unfortunately, some of the SUV accidents that occur are still related to the fault of the manufacturer. Perhaps it is due to a manufacturer error or a specific part has a defect. Whatever the reason, the responsible party can be held accountable for the monetary damages that are done to the injured. If you have been injured in an SUV accident that was due to the fault of someone else, then you may have a personal injury claim. If the accident led to the death of a loved one, then you may have a wrongful death suit. Your Mankato personal injury lawyer will evaluate your case to determine what the best course of action is in the matter so that you can obtain the result you seek.

Seeking Justice In Your Case

While there may not be criminal action in the case if it is due to it being a manufacturer issue, you can file a civil case. Holding the responsible party accountable for their negligence will help you get the results that you need. Your attorney will investigate every area of the case to determine what happened, why it happened, and how much money in damages you are entitled to. This will help remove some of the stress from the situation so you can move on.

There are some instances where SUV accidents are the result of someone driving drunk behind the wheel. When that is the case, the drunk driver will most likely be charged with DWI. Even when there are criminal proceedings, you can move forward with a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Recovering The Compensation You Deserve

When you are involved in an SUV accident, your Southern Minnesota personal injury attorney will work hard to recover the compensation you deserve. This compensation can pay for present and future medical bills, present and future lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses that are related to the accident. If the case is a wrongful death case, then you could recover compensation for loss of support, funeral expenses, medical expenses, and more. This will ensure you are taken care of for as long as you need it, taking away the worry of being financially insecure while trying to recover from the consequences of the accident.

Contact A Mankato Personal Injury Attorney

While innovations have been made to reduce the rollover potential of SUVs, rollovers are still happening. In fact, there are still a number of issues that exist with SUVs and that has resulted in lawsuits still being filed against manufacturers and other responsible parties. To learn more about your rights and options, call the Farrish Johnson Law Office, CHTD at 507-625-2525 for a free consultation.


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