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Mankato Underinsured Motorist Lawyer

Minnesota is a no-fault state, which means that a person’s own insurance pays for their expenses. While one’s own insurance company can be difficult to deal with when it comes to ensuring they pay out enough, it is possible to get fair compensation. When the maximum compensation that can be received through the other person’s underinsured motorist coverage is not enough, yours can fill in the gaps.

At Farrish Johnson Law Office, CHTD, we will utilize strategies that have been proven time and time again to recover enough compensation for an accident victim to move forward. With the help of one of our experienced Mankato personal injury attorneys, you can get the results you need.

Sound Legal Advice

Minnesota motorists are required to carry underinsured motorist coverage, unlike motorists in many other states. Here is how it works:

If you are in an accident with a person whose $25,000 in medical coverage is not enough to cover your $50,000 in medical bills, you can collect from that person’s underinsurance coverage and yours will cover the rest. Unfortunately, the process is not always this easy and that means measures have to be taken. This also means that decisions have to be made. That way you can get the coverage that you need.

When you file that claim, everything has to be done right. All of the information about the driver at fault in the accident must be provided and you will need to follow the claims process as mandated by the insurance policy. Not correctly following a procedure can result in the insurance company denying the claim.

Legal Representation You Can Trust

Legal representation by an experienced southern Minnesota personal injury attorney is important because it may have to be shown that the driver at fault was truly at fault. You will need to provide solid proof to keep the insurance company from denying the claim or increasing your premiums. When an accident is not your fault, you should not have to pay the consequences for it.

When the insurance company is trying to get out of paying a claim, you can have your attorney step in for you. It is possible to file a lawsuit for breach of contract when you have done everything you were supposed to do on your part, but they have not followed through on their end. Having a powerful advocate in your corner every step of the way can make a significant difference.

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Being involved in an accident with an underinsured motorist means that you may not be able to recover all of the insurance that you need from your insurance. What you receive is limited to the coverage limits you chose when you took out your policy. In order to effectively negotiate the proper settlements and ensure that you receive the money needed to cover expenses and other losses, you need an experienced injury attorney by your side. To learn more, call Farrish Johnson Law Office, CHTD at 507-625-2525 to schedule a free consultation.


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