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Rock County Class Action Settlement Information

Earlier this year, Attorneys Scott Kelly and Dan Bellig of Farrish Johnson Law Office, along with Attorneys Robert Bennett and Jeff Storms of Gaskins Bennett Birrell Schupp in Minneapolis obtained court approval of a $2,000,000 class action settlement brought on behalf of more than 2,400 individuals whose driver’s license data was improperly accessed by a Rock County employee.  This case is known as Bertrand, et al. v Patten et al., Case No. 12-cv-02971 (DWF/JJG).

If you received notification from the Minnesota Department of Human Services that your private information was breached or if you received Legal Notice regarding this Settlement, you may be a part of this class.  There are two Legal Notices that were sent out on February 13, 2014:

  • Legal Notice Illegitimate Search Subclass
  • Legal Notice Legitimate Search Subclass

These documents explain the lawsuit, the Settlement, your legal rights, what benefits are available, who is eligible for them, and  how to get them.

You also have the option to decline membership to the Class Action of Bertrand, et al. v Patten, et al.  More information about your request for exclusion and the opt-out form may be found in either of the Legal Notices documents below of course if you need those documents on digital you could hire legal scanning Atlanta to do this work for you.  You will not be allowed to opt out of the settlement if your signed Request for Exclusion form is not post-marked (first class postage prepaid) by March 15, 2014.

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