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Coronavirus In Minnesota And Workers’ Compensation Laws

coronavirusLike many areas hit by the coronavirus, Covid-19 the virus responsible for the global pandemic has also ravished Minnesota. There has been 576 confirmed cases, 24 patients in ICU, and 10 reported fatalities from Covid-19. The coronavirus is spread from person to person and as a result, state officials have called for residents to self-quarantine.

Also referred to as “social distancing,” many Minnesota residents have been furloughed or laid off from their job. In response to the record number of businesses closing down or reducing daily operations, the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill was signed into law. Keep reading more details below to find out what Minnesota residents can expect from expanded workers’ compensation laws amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill And Workers’ Compensation

Congress signed the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill into law on March 27, 2020 as a relief package. The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill also known as the Cares Act is worth $2 trillion and contains never before language concerning workers compensation.

In fact, Minnesota legislatures have worked hard to provide their residents with clarification on the recent changes concerning workers compensation laws.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation In Minnesota Following The Coronavirus:

1. Can I Use Sick Leave If I’m Quarantined Without Symptoms? 

Covid-19 fact sheet released by the city of Duluth says; “workers can use sick time for a “medical diagnosis,” care, preventative measures, or treatment for themselves or family members” during the coronavirus.

2. What If I Run Out Of Accrued Sick Time? 

If workers run out of accrued sick time in Minnesota as a result of Covid-19, extended leave is covered under a paid administrative leave policy.

3. I Can’t Find A Babysitter! My Child’s School Is Closed! 

Certain employees will have an absenteeism policy waived if they can’t work because of school or daycare closures.

Minnesota workers’ compensation laws can be complex. The legal professionals at the Farrish Johnson Law Office are your premiere legal resource on workers compensation laws surrounding Covid-19.

4. What If I Become Sick Or Hospitalized From The Coronavirus? 

Minnesota residents under mandatory quarantine will get 14 days pay. If they’re sick or hospitalized as a result of the coronavirus, they will also get 14 days pay. This also includes employees that are experiencing flu-like symptoms related to Covid-19.

5. Minnesota Unemployment Insurance 

During the coronavirus pandemic, Minnesota employees will be permitted to receive unemployment insurance without actively seeking employment under the bill by state representative, Mohamud Noor. The goal is to easily help employees get the assistance they need without the threat of spreading the virus.

Workers’ compensation is meant to provide compensation for workers that are hurt or injured on the job. The Minnesota workers compensation board are amending their rules to also include healthcare and freelance workers. To effectively collect workers compensation, employees will have to successfully document they became ill from the coronavirus on the job. Get help from a legal professional to help you understand what documents are needed to streamline your workers compensation claim.

How Does The Coronavirus Impact Workers’ Compensation For Businesses

According to a recent Bloomberg report, “businesses will see their workers’ compensation premiums skyrocket with the increase in Covid-19 workers compensation claims.”

The professionals at the Farrish Johnson Law Office are keeping a close eye on how the coronavirus is affecting workers compensation for employees and businesses.

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