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Will I Be Under Surveillance After Filing for Minnesota Worker’s Compensation?

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Anytime you file an insurance claim, whether it be for a personal injury case or a workers’ compensation case, there is a chance that that the insurance company will have you placed under surveillance. Many insurance companies take advantage of private investigators to follow and watch injured parties when outside of their home to see if their injuries are really genuine. By gathering evidence, the insurance company can help catch those trying to fake or exaggerate their injuries. However, even if your injuries are genuine, if you are under surveillance, your actions could hurt your case.

How Surveillance Hurts Honest Workers’ Compensation Claims

If your workers’ compensation claim and injuries aren’t fraudulent, you may not love the idea of being observed, but can at least find some comfort knowing you are in fact not lying. Unfortunately, you can still run into big issues because of surveillance, and those issues almost exclusively involve the limitations your doctor may have placed on you.

For example, if you injured your back after an injury at work and your doctor said you should not be on your feet for more than 15 minutes, every time you are standing, and a private investigator is watching, that clock is ticking. If you spent two hours mowing your lawn with a push mower, if doesn’t matter if you were in horrible pain at the end. Based on the surveillance video, which cannot show your pain levels, the insurance claims adjuster can now argue that, because a private investigator caught you doing this, your injury is not as serious as you claim.

This means that with the evidence the private investigator gathered, the claims adjuster can have solid ground to pay you less than what your injury deserves, or nothing at all. This is clearly something that no honestly injured person wants because they need that compensation.

Furthermore, surveillance doesn’t just mean it will be of a physical nature. Often private investigators will use tools to view your social media pages, despite any privacy settings, to check what you are posting. If you posted yourself on a white water rafting trip after the injury, this can be used as evidence. This is why it is crucial to not only watch what you do, but what you post online as well.

What to Do If You Think You Are Under Surveillance?

Private investigators are specially trained to be very hard to detect. If you are worried about being watched, the solution is rather simple – follow your doctor’s orders. When a doctor puts restrictions on you after a work injury, they do so because it will not only help you heal faster, but it will help you prevent making the injury any worse as well.

This means it benefits you to follow your doctor’s restrictions not only to avoid becoming a source of potentially misleading evidence that could be used against your worker’s compensation claim, but also because it will help prevent your work injury from doing more harm to your body than it already has. Even if it seems like a simple action, such as briefly carrying in a 30-pound bag of dog food when you are not supposed to do any heavy lifting, it should be avoided. Surveillance of this type isn’t illegal, and you should always assume after an injury that you could be watched.

Need Help?

Are you preparing to file a worker’s compensation claim? You shouldn’t go it alone. In order to cut costs, the claims adjusters will try their best to undermine your claim so they don’t need to pay as much or at all. This means that before filing your claim, you should contact us today to see what we can do to help guide you towards a successful worker’s compensation claim to make sure you get every penny owed to you.

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