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I Was Fired: How Do I Get My Last Paycheck?

There is no shame in it; people get fired all the time, often for innocuous reasons. If it happens to you, there are a few things you should know, like how to get paid.

Whether you are paid by the hour, salary, on commission, or some combination of those, your earned compensation that has not been paid is due immediately upon being fired. You are protected by Minnesota Statutes Section 181.13, which provides that unpaid wages or commissions must be paid within 24 hours or the employer will start to accrue a penalty. That penalty is a day’s wages or commissions and can accrue for up to 15 days.

But you must act first to get those protections. Section 181.13 requires that the employee make a written demand on the employer for the unpaid wages or commissions. Although the statute does not require any form of delivery for that written demand, sending that written demand via certified mail will ensure that both parties know when the clock starts ticking on the unpaid wages or commissions and any penalty for a failure to pay.

If you have been terminated and need to send a demand for unpaid wages, please check out our Form Letter.

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