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How Long Can I Stay on Work Comp?

Minnesota workers’ compensation system provides several options and guaranteed time limits for receiving wage loss benefits for injured workers. In general, you can continue receiving wage loss benefits for up to 130 weeks from the time you become unable to work, so long as you cannot return to your regular work, and your employer is not able to accommodate your work restrictions. In most cases, however, injured workers are able to go back to work before that period runs out. When that happens, so long as your medical restrictions continue to be in place, you would be eligible for up to 225 weeks of wage replacement benefits, with the caveat that they are limited to the two-thirds of the difference between your average weekly wage at the time of the injury and the wage you are able to make while working with your medical restrictions. That wage loss benefit is called temporary partial disability, and it is regulated by the Minnesota Statutes § M.S. 176.101, subp. 2.

With regard to the medical benefits, your work comp coverage continues so long as there is a reasonable connection between your injury and the need for treatment. In other words, the work comp is required to cover your medical treatment and procedures for the rest of your life as long as your injury remains to be a substantial contributing factor to your health condition.

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