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My New House Has a Wet Basement, What Can I Do?

The recent, heavy rainfall has resulted in many in southern Minnesota experiencing wet basements.  If you recently constructed a new home, you would not expect to have water in your basement.  Under Minnesota law, new homes come with 1, 2 and 10 year statutory warranties.  The cause and scope of the problem will dictate which warranties apply to your situation.  The warranties only apply if there are defects in the construction.  The warranties do not apply if the cause of the water problem is something other than defective construction, such as an overloaded municipal drainage system or flooding.  If the problem is caused by defective construction, the contractor should be given the opportunity to correct the problem before a homeowner proceeds to a lawsuit.  If you are experiencing a wet basement in your new home and you need to review your legal options, contact attorney Aaron Glade at the Farrish Johnson Law Office, 507-625-2525.  There are statutory notices and deadlines to contend with, so early attorney involvement may be helpful.


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