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Save Our Juries

Save Our Juries is a public awareness campaign sponsored by American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), which was founded in 1958 and is comprised of some of the most respected plaintiff and defense civil attorneys in the country. ABOTA created Save Our Juries to educate and mobilize citizens in the fight to save our disappearing Seventh Amendment right. ABOTA’s mission is to protect and preserve the civil jury trial system.

The Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensures that citizens’ civil cases can be heard and decided by a jury of their peers. The jury trial provides a forum for all the facts to be presented, evaluated impartially and judged according to the law. However, due to lengthy trial procedures and scheduling delays, along with a growing inclination toward arbitration and mediations, the dwindling number of jury trials may result in the disappearance of the rights guaranteed by Seventh Amendment.

We need to work to preserve and protect your right to a trial by jury by improving the civil justice system, not abolishing it. For more information about this important issue, visit

Thank you to attorney Will Partridge at Farrish Johnson Law Office for raising awareness about this campaign. He has been a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates since 2010.