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What Makes A Good Attorney in Mankato, MN?

Are you in need of legal counsel? If so, finding the right attorney is of utmost importance to you. Choose the wrong legal counsel, and you could put your entire case in jeopardy.

How can you know when you have found the ideal lawyer in Mankato, MN? Here are some things to look out for.


A law firm’s reputation will be evident by the number of awards and accolades its members have achieved. At Farrish Johnson, we have attorneys who have been named Super Lawyers or Rising Star Attorneys by Minnesota Law & Politics. In addition, in 2012 our firm won the Mankato Free Press Media Reader’s Choice Award for the area’s best lawyer.

Communication and Listening Skills

You want an attorney who will listen to your concerns rather than immediately dismissing them. That doesn’t mean your lawyer should give you false hope, but rather that you’ll be treated with dignity and respect.

At Farrish Johnson, we take your legal issues seriously, and will always communicate efficiently with you on ways to resolve them. We use our knowledge and experience to inform you, but never to belittle or intimidate.

Trial Strategy

Obtaining the best possible legal outcome requires a careful strategy and attention to detail. Sometimes that means you must gamble and take a case to court. Many law firms would rather stay away from the courtroom, but that’s not something we shy away from.

A number of our attorneys have earned board certification from the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA).  A board certified attorney is one who has passed a special examination and certification process from the NBTA.

Earning this certification requires a lawyer to take additional measures to hone his or her craft. Wouldn’t you rather have someone working on your case who is willing to go the extra mile? If so, contact Farrish Johnson today.

Research Abilities

It’s not possible to know every aspect of case law. Good attorneys know that, and rely on their research skills to help them navigate legal issues.

In many cases, the amount of research required is too much for one attorney to handle. Accordingly, a smart lawyer will rely heavily on experienced paralegals and legal assistants to perform the brunt of this work. Doing so will free them up to concentrate more heavily on crafting a winning strategy.

Good Personal Judgment

There are times when an attorney will need to use good personal judgment when deciding whether to continue a case or settle. This is particularly true in personal injury and family law, which are two of our major practice areas.

Our years of experience have given us a keen sense of knowing which avenues to pursue and when. For our criminal law clients, this often means deciding whether to negotiate a plea deal or go to court.

Sense of Community

A judge’s ruling can affect more than just the parties involved. In some cases, they can affect everyone in the community. Accordingly, you should look for lawyers who are well vested in the areas in which they serve.

With offices in Mankato, Madelia, and St. Peter, we are conveniently located where our clients live and work.  We also take pride in our local area, and are members of the Saint Peter Chamber of CommerceGreater Mankato Growth, and the Madelia Area Chamber of Commerce. Located in South-Central Minnesota, we welcome folks from anywhere in Blue Earth, Le Sueur, or Nicollet Counties.

Reliable Legal Services in Mankato, MN

When legal troubles arise, count on the experience attorneys at Farrish Johnson to assist you. We offer many different practice areas, and invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation.