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Minnesota’s New Hands-Free Law – What You Need to Know

Beginning August 1, 2019, Minnesota will become a “hand-free” state. Although Minnesota law already prohibited texting, emailing, and browsing while driving, drivers could still use a cell phone to make calls and do other things. The new law brings significant change. Here is what you need to know. The new general rule is that a driver may no longer use a cell phone when their vehicle is in motion or part of traffic to do the following: The driver cannot initiate, compose, send, retrieve, or ever read an electronic message. The driver cannot engage in cell phone calls, cannot initiate...
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Can an Employer Control an Employee’s Use of Social-Media?

If the employee is at work and using computers owned by the employer, the general answer is yes.  Work if for working; not for using social media.  Generally, employers are within their rights to regulate social-media use on work time if they do so for work-related reasons and apply the rules evenhandedly to all employees.  Off-hour use of social-media might be regulated if an employee’s initial and continued employment are subject to written social-media policies. There are important exceptions.  Under and Minnesota’s Wage Disclosure Protection law no employer can prohibit employees from disclosing or discussing their own wages.  Even if...
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