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Injuries on Your Way to Work

If you get hurt on your way to or from work, your injuries may be covered by workers’ comp. Although, in general, injuries sustained by an employee while commuting to and from work are outside of the workers’ compensation coverage, there are some exceptions. In a recent decision of Hohlt v. University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Supreme Court held that a state employee was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for the injuries she sustained when she slipped and fell on an ice-covered sidewalk curb ramp while walking to her car after work. The fact that she was not on the...
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Minnesota Supreme Court Clarifies Scope of Expungement Statute

The Minnesota Supreme Court has now clarified certain aspects of Minnesota’s expungement law. The issue is whether a criminal felony conviction, not able to be expunged on its own, can nonetheless be expunged if the conviction was deemed to be a misdemeanor under Minnesota law. One side of the argument says the answer is “yes” because the conviction is for a misdemeanor. The other side of the argument says the answer is “no” because the person was originally convicted of a felony. The Minnesota Supreme Court answered this question with a “no” – there is no opportunity for expungement of...
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Farrish Johnson Law Office Hosts Reception for Justice Natalie Hudson

Today from 4pm to 5:30pm, Farrish Johnson Law Office will host a reception for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Natalie Hudson.  Meet and hear from Justice Hudson ahead of the November 8 election and join friends and colleagues to support the reelection of Justice Hudson to the Minnesota Supreme Court. For more information about this special event, please contact Farrish Johnson Law Office at 507-625-2525.