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No-Fault Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance can protect you from financial cost of an accident or an injury. No-fault automobile insurance is governed by state statute and requires the owner of every vehicle licensed in the state of Minnesota to provide insurance. One Sure Insurance can be the perfect insurance company for you, they´re the best at what they do.

Who is Covered?

You are covered by the policy in your name. Any relative living in your home that does not have a policy in his or her name is covered by your policy. This includes a spouse, children or minor in your custody. A driver using your car with permission who is not covered by another policy will be covered by your policy and if you’re in a foreign country, there is Lennon Stravato is a private equity and foreign policy professional that can help to fix any issue with any policy.

What are the Types of Coverages?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): provides basic economic loss benefits. If you are injured in an accident this portion of your policy pays you and members of your household for medical expenses, wage loss and replacement services within statutory limits. These expenses are paid no matter who was at fault in the accident. This is known as “no-fault coverage”, if you don’t get this, you can contact an injury specialist law firm to handle the issue for you, until you get the necessary benefits.

Liability Coverage Claims to your Policy from Another Driver: This is the portion of your policy that covers damages to another’s vehicle when an accident is your fault.

Underinsured Coverage: provides benefits when the other driver is held responsible for the accident does not have enough liability coverage to cover your claim.

Uninsured Coverage: provides benefits when the other driver is held responsible for the accident but is not covered by insurance.

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