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Common Workers Compensation Questions and Answers

If you have gotten hurt on the job (or working has aggravated your injury), you may have a workers’ compensation case. However, before you go running to a lawyer, you may want to get a little more information. Here are some common questions that you may be having. What is...
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How Social Security Disability Law Applies to Minnesota Residents

Social Security rules and laws can be very complex, but there are specific regulations that also apply to Minnesota residents. Legal professionals who are well versed in federal social security laws and can guide their clients on the best filing options for their unique disability or retirement. For example, a...
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Charlotte Farrish is Prominent Lawyer in Minnesota History

PODCAST: Women that made local history in law and politics in Blue Earth County with Jessica Potter from the Blue Earth County Historical Society. Women who challenged traditional gender roles and followed their passions to make their community a better place to live. All the information shared comes from the...
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Is My Stipulated Divorce Decree a Binding Contract?

Mankato Family Law Attorneys at Farrish Johnson Divorce is life changing. Sometimes, it comes as a complete surprise. Regardless of the side you stand on, it is wise to seek assistance from a legal team with expertise in Minnesota divorce law. Grounds for a Divorce Minnesota is a no-fault divorce...
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Child Custody Disputes for Cohabitating Parents

Southern Minnesota Family Law Attorneys Are you going through a difficult time after you broke up with your significant other? If this is the parent of your child(ren), then you are definitely feeling the loss. In our society, many adults are hard-pressed to keep their home lives stable, especially when...
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An Uncontested Divorce Can Proceed Outside The Courtroom Under Certain Conditions

Mankato Family Law Attorneys It is possible to complete a marriage dissolution with minimal or no court attendance if you meet certain requirements. Minnesota’s laws are complex and can be hard to understand, even for a seasoned lawyer, but an uncontested divorce under the guidance of a compassionate lawyer can happen as long...
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