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Legal News in Minnesota

Protecting Data Privacy Rights!

Farrish Johnson Law Office continues having an impact in the area of data privacy as several attorneys are currently working on a class-action lawsuit involving the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and one of its former managers for the illegal downloading of driver’s license information.

A group of individuals are suing the DNR, the state of Minnesota, and former Dept. of Natural Resources Employee John Hunt for the illegal use of the Driver and Vehicle Services database (DVS).  The DVS database contains individual photographs, addresses and driving records and is protected under state and federal law from illegitimate use. According to the suit, Hunt excessively and illegally accessed thousands of motor vehicle records, apparently using some of the records to screen women on an online dating service.

Attorneys Scott Kelly, Will Partridge and Daniel Bellig are spearheading the Farrish Johnson Law Office effort as Minnesota data privacy attorneys in this high profile and groundbreaking lawsuit.