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Can You Lose Social Security Disability Benefits?

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For many who apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Minnesota, their major worry is actually getting the benefits approved. However, even after you have been approved, you may not yet be out of the woods. You need to live in an informed way to make sure you keep your benefits for as long as you need them, which means it is crucial to know and avoid all the many ways you can lose them.

Knowing What Type of Disability Benefits You Receive

When it comes to Social Security benefits, there are two similar, but different types of disability benefits you receive. Knowing what type of benefit you are receiving can help you avoid the varying ways you can lose them. For benefits, they fall under two programs: Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

The Social Security Disability Insurance program is for workers who have paid enough into Social Security through taxes from working. Often if you are a long time worker, you will have enough work credits to qualify for these benefits.

Alternatively, the Supplemental Security Income program is for people who do not qualify for the insurance program because they don’t have enough work credits, but still need disability. However, this program does come with a strict assets and income requirement for those approved.

How You Can Lose Your Disability Benefits

While disability benefits from Social Security come through two programs, typically the ways you can lose those benefits are fairly similar for both programs. However, each does have some unique considerations.


Under both disability programs, if you heal to a point where you are no longer considered disabled, you could lose your benefits. Typically cases are reviewed every few years if an improvement is not expected or around every six months to a year if you are expected to improve medically. Of course, you are expected to report medical improvements as well.

Returning to Work

Under both programs, you need to be considered disabled to keep receiving benefits. Generally, while some injuries may allow you to return to work, you will be capped at how much you can make to still qualify for benefits.

Gaining Sufficient Assets or Income

Under the Supplemental Security Income program, you are required to be below a certain threshold in terms of both assets and income to be approved. This will also mean you need to stay below that threshold to keep receiving benefits. This can be strict and tricky as even your spouse’s income can partially count towards your limit.


After you reach retirement age, if you are still on disability benefits, those benefits will stop, but they will be replaced with social security retirement benefits. While you now may not have to worry about losing your benefits altogether, if you work while on retirement benefits, you may find those retirement benefits reduced in some cases.

Become Incarcerated

If you are sent to jail or institutionalized while on disability, your benefits will be cut. These benefits are put in place to help you subsist, but if you are locked away then they are seen as no longer needed.

Dependents Become Independent

Under certain circumstances your dependents can receive Social Security benefits under the insurance program based on a loved one’s work record. However, if they do that, any change including those in living arrangements, marriage, or turning a certain age may make benefits stop.

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