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October 24, 2011

Farrish Johnson in the top 100 law firms

In 2011, Minnesota Law & Politics magazine recognized Farrish Johnson Law Office as being in the top 100 law firm in Minnesota. Farrish Johnson is the oldest law firm in southern Minnesota.

Attorney recognized as Rising Star

Farrish Johnson and Mankato attorney Aaron Glade has been recognized as a ‘Rising Star’ by Minnesota Law & Politics magazine.

Dave Salsbery’s 2011 Presentations on Current Estate Planning Issues

In 2011, Dave Salsbery performed presentations on Minnesota estate planning issues. As a Mankato estate planning attorney, Mr. Salsbery has been successful in helping clients succesfully plan their estates and has helped families take care of matters after a loved one’s death. Archived presentation schedule: February 2011: VINE Faith in Action May 2011: Hilltop United Methodist Church July 2011: VINE Faith in Action October 2011: Belgrade Avenue United Methodist Church