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Expungement: Eligibility if Convicted of a Felony

We recently highlighted the process of  criminal expungement. As noted in that article, not all crimes are eligible for expungement.  A felony-level conviction is eligible only if it is listed in the expungement statute itself.  But most petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors, and gross misdemeanors qualify for expungement after a period of time.

So what happens if you are convicted of a felony-level crime that is not listed in the expungement statute but, because of a favorable sentence like a stay of imposition, the conviction is deemed a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor after successful completion of probation?  Are you eligible for expungement because the crime was deemed a misdemeanor, or are you ineligible for expungement because you were convicted of a felony-level crime not listed in the expungement statute?

According to a recent opinion from the Minnesota Court of Appeals, a person in this situation is NOT eligible for expungement.  The case can be accessed here: [wpfilebase tag=file id=56 /].  The practical implications of this case foreclose the possibility of expungement for certain offenders.  But it also provides further clarification and consideration when contemplating a guilty plea.  By pleading guilty to a felony-level crime that cannot be expunged, you cannot later seek expungement even if the crime is deemed a misdemeanor.

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