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Payment of Wages Following Termination of Employment

Under Minnesota law, you are entitled to prompt payment of wages after leaving employment.

If you have been terminated from employment, you have the right to demand all wages or commissions actually earned and unpaid at the time of discharge. Once a demand is made, the employer has 24 hours to pay these wages or commissions. If you quit employment, your wages are generally due on your regularly scheduled payday. If your employer fails to make payment when due, you have the right to demand payment and the employer must comply within 24 hours after the demand. In either case, the demand must be in writing. You should keep a record of the demand and the date it was sent.

But what happens if an employer fails to make payment within 24 hours after the demand? Minnesota law provides for certain penalties. Not only can you collect the wages you are owed, but you can also collect a penalty equal to the amount of your average daily earnings for each day your employer fails to make payment, up to 15 days.

If you need to go to court to enforce these rights, consider hiring an employment law attorney to help you through the process. Should you prevail, the court can require your former employer to pay attorney fees in addition to the damages specified above.

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